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10 places to teach yoga

This, by far, is one of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients who are talking to me about starting teacher training or who are already in teacher training with me. Where can I go to teach yoga? How can I find a place or a space to teach yoga?

And what I tell my students is, if you’ll get creative, think “non-traditionally” (not a yoga studio or a gym), you really have a wide open space. I’m sharing 10 of those places today.


#1-Go Outside

If you live in a place that has warmer weather and shorter winters, then you really have a longer period of time in which you can take advantage of this free outdoor space. You can look at your neighborhood park, if you’re lucky enough to live by a beach, you can offer a yoga class there. Or you can do it easily in your backyard.

You don’t have to have a fancy backyard. You just have enough green space to lay out some mats.  And some people really do have excellent backyards. I had one teacher whose backyard looked out onto a lake, and so she always did her classes there.  Another student who had a really cool deck in her backyard, so she offered yoga classes on that deck.

#2-Office Buildings

Not necessarily corporate buildings, but small business, smaller offices. If you live in a city that has a great downtown area where they’re renovating buildings, go check those out and see what’s already there, what businesses already exist.  Perhaps they have a conference room, or a business room, a meeting room. Or maybe they have off hours the space isn’t being used.

Look at dance studios, or martial arts spaces. They do have times in which these spaces are open and available. People are always happy to collaborate and bring others into their space.


Many students are members of churches, so they’ve gone and talked to the people who are in charge of the facilities or in scheduling activities. Churches always have out-buildings, they have classrooms, they have basements, they have meeting rooms, and those spaces aren’t being used all the time.


Now I recommend that you approach schools in one of two ways –

If you’re just getting started, look at possibly teaching to teachers, because they’re so stressed out too, and they would love to have somebody come in after school, while they’re wrapping up, before they have to go home to the hecticness of their own families.  Come in and use their classroom or use the library in a school.

Other side of that is if you’re interested in teaching kids, this is a great way to go in there and test the waters with kids in schools.  School districts may be a little tougher, but, look up Montessori schools, look at home schools. Those spaces are always looking for additional activities that they can expose their kids to. Preschools, mother’s day out, those are all great “school-type” places that you can check out.

(If you’re interested in teaching kids, we have a Children’s Certification coming up soon.)


Number five is a fun one.  This is another kind of out of the traditional space, but to look at possibly offering your services at birthday parties. Again, you can look at kids. Kids are always having birthday parties. Moms are always looking for cool, new, fresh ways to host a party, and this is a great opportunity – a birthday party.

If you’re thinking about adult parties – girls night out. Those are amazing opportunities. Pour a little wine, offer a few yoga classes – I recommend the wine after the yoga, not before, or you might not actually get to the yoga. But girl’s nights are so much fun to do.

#6-Community Centers

Most cities and towns have community centers. There may be someone already established in there doing yoga, there may not. But unless you look into it, you’ll never know. Summer might be a little bit busier because they have kid’s activities, but they may be open, they may be looking for somebody.

Again – you can come in and offer something a little bit different than what they would typically offer in the past.  Go check out those community centers.

(This is how I started my yoga career.)

#7-Senior Centers

I know that in my town we have community centers and, specifically, senior centers, so go check those out.  Senior centers and assisted living – they are always on the hunt for people who are willing to come in and teach classes. Whether its yoga classes, pottery classes, and painting classes – this is an amazing thing. Untapped space to go in there and talk to the people who run community centers and senior centers.

#8-A Spare Room

Do you have a game room or media room that you could take advantage of while your kids are at school?  While your house is empty? Or maybe something you can do on the weekend. So this kind of goes a little bit with your own backyard. If you don’t have a nice yard, maybe you have a room that’s not being utilized. Maybe you have a spare guest room that you could rearrange and bring in 3 or 4 people to do yoga.

#9-Non-profit Organizations

Some non-profits might be a little harder to get started with because they have different protocols in place, so if you wanted to teach at a domestic violence location, you might have a few more things that you have to do in order to teach at that space. You might have to go through a background check, or something like that.

But again, non-profits, like senior centers, like Montessori schools, they are always looking for people who can come in volunteer.  So if you’re looking at a non-profit, you might have to volunteer your time, but it’s a great way to build your experience or to get back into the swing of things, or to give back to your community.


I can think of two students, that, not only do they love yoga, but they also love cycling.  They’ve offered to talk to people who organize their cycling activities, and say, do you think the group would be interested in having a yoga class after a ride.  And they have really been met with resounding affirmation – yes, come on in.

Think about some of the other hobbies you do – a book club or painting – there’s just so many different hobbies out there, that they might be interested in being exposed to something different with yoga.

Getting People To Attend

The last part of this vlog that I want to share with you is how to get people in there to actually take the classes from you. You have to start talking to people. Start letting them know, “I’m a teacher, I’m going through teacher training, I need to practice, I need to get out there and dust off my training wheels.”

If you’re on Facebook, put a message out there on Facebook and let people know, I am going to be teaching here, and at this time, and at this date, so come on over.

If you’re not on Facebook, look at your email list. I know that you probably have plenty of people that you could email – friends, family, acquaintances, people that you’ve worked with, your hobby friends. Put an email out to them, ask them, and get their interest.

Also, you have that old-fashioned way – pick up your phone and call and invite people directly to come in and take classes from you.

Part of getting out there and teaching yoga is that you have to be active and you have to put yourself out there. You have to let people know that you’re doing this, and you have to give them an opportunity to participate with you.

If there is a space that I didn’t talk about, that you’ve had great success with, or you’ve heard about it, I would love for you to share that in the comments, because we’re always trying to help each other find places and find people who can benefit and who we can share our love of yoga with.